About us

Shetland Pride is a charity based in the Shetland Islands, a small archipelago at the northern-most point of the United Kingdom!! We are here to help, support, and encourage the LGBTQIA+ population in Shetland. 


Shetland Pride SCIO is a Scottish registered charity and its purposes are: the advancement of education, the advancement of citizenship or community development, and the promotion of equality and diversity. 


The charity aims to support, help and improve the mental health of all LGBTQ+ folk living on Shetland, and work to make menta health a community concern. 

What we do:

Shetland Pride Festival.

During the summer months, we host our annual Shetland Pride event, joining over 180 other Pride events throughout the UK. Consisting of three seperate events throughout the day - namely our Pride March, Pride Village, and Pride Evening Party - Shetland Pride is the largest LGBTQIA+ event in Shetlands calendar. 

General Support and Advice. 

We aim to encourage, support, and help all LGBTQIA+ people in Shetland, and work to raise awareness around barriers and issues LGBTQIA+ can face in a small and rural areas. Shetland isn't just rural, we're in the middle of the North Sea, and are cut off from most LGBT+ Networks on the mainland. It is our hope that we can bridge this gap and work to make Shetland as inclusive to all as possible. We also seek to partner with other organisations that offer opportunities or services to LGBTQIA+ people in Shetland.

If you are seeking some support and advice, or would like to be part of the team, get in touch with one of our Trustees through the emails below.