How to get here and things to do.

How to get here.


Flying to Shetland is certainly the quickest way to get here. Flight times range from 1 to 1.5 hours. Book your flights through the link below


Or take the ferry to Shetland. Northlink Ferries transport hundreds of passengers daily to Shetland, Sailing from Aberdeen to Lerwick. Book your passage and cabins at the link below


On second thought, best stick to the other two options!

What else is there to do in Shetland?

Shetland is one of only seven geographical areas in the UK that has been given Geopark status. The unique geographical make up of the islands, means that wherever you go, there is stunning scenery to behold. 

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The wildlife in Shetland is renouned worldwide. 

Seals, Orca's, Dolphins, Otters, Shetland Ponies, among many others inhabit the Isles all year round. 

Shetland's unique position in the middle of the North sea also makes it a migrating hotspot for all types of birds - including puffins!! 

Shetlands rich history of trade and immigration with the rest of the world means that it has some amazing and insightful archeological sites that date back over 2000-4000 years old. 

Visit Historic Scotland site to find out more:

Jarlsoff, Sumburgh. 

Clickamin Broch, Lerwick. 



Shetland has many top quality restaurants for any of your dining requirements or preferences. Whether it's serving fresh local produce and hearty meals, or maybe just some quick and easy fastfood takeaway restaurants, there is plenty of award winning food venues to get the tastebuds watering. 

Shetland stands out for it's seafood. Typically landing from shore to plate the same day, Shetland is well known for it's deliciously fresh seafood dishes.